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Subject: Re: [CR]Atala help
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 03:47:44 -0400

Hi Fred B, Fred R, etc...

Fred Rednor is correct on all points, as far as I can tell.

I am sitting here looking across the table at Atala #62B0973, a relative of you bike #62D8420. Built in 1962, it's silver with greenish-blue panels, and white pinstripes and fill-in-cut-outs and on the dropouts. Same lugs, bb shell, chrome, and decals as your bike, except mine has the "Made in Italy" and USA flag bands on the seat tube typical of Styvesant (spelling?) imports from that era.

The chrome decal between the shift levers should give the model name. Mine says 'xxxxx essional" ("Record Professional", perchance?).

It came from the original owner in NYC with all the original equipment:

"Atala" embossed steel headset. Ambrosio "Champion" aluminum stem and bars. Universal "61" centerpull brakeset. Campagnolo "closed C" downtube shift levers. Campy Gran Sport front and rear derailleurs, with adjusting barrel on the rear der. "Atala" badged bb and cottered steel crankset with riveted chainrings, possibly by Magistroni (a.k.a. Giostra). Sheffield "Sprint" aluminum quill pedals. Plane steel seatpost. Campy "Record" high-flange 36h hubset Fiamme red label tubular rims

I can't remember what kind of leather saddle was on the bike... not a Brooks, I do remember.

I hope this helps.

Aldo Ross
Blue Ball, Ohio

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From: Fred Rafael Rednor
Sent: Monday, July 26, 2004 10:26 PM
Subject: Re: [CR]Atala help

> > I just purchased an Atala frame off Ebay, item
> > #3689413211. It was listed as a 60s model. Could
> > anyone on the list provide info as to what model
> > it might be and what components it may have come
> > with? ...You won't hurt my feelings if it's not
> > a high end model, I like it anyway.
> Fred,
> Based on the various Atalas I've owned, worked on and seen,
> I suspect that this is at the very least the bottom part of
> Alala's high end. If the seatpost size is 26.8mm, it's made
> from what we now call Columbus SP or perhaps Falck tubing. If
> the seatpost is 27.2mm (if such thin walled Columbus tubing
> available at that time) then it's an even higher end model.
> I would expect this frame to have come with Campagnolo Gran
> Sport derailleurs, Campagnolo hubs, Universal brakes and a
> Magistroni crankset. Of course, the frames I'm most familair
> with are a bit newwer than this one, so I won't be insulted by
> any corrections to my guesses.
> Best regards,
> Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia