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From: "Eric Elman" <tr4play@cox.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Subject: [CR]Goodies For Sale, Huge List
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 17:52:14 -0400

Time again to raise some cash to pay for some other goodies. You know the drill by now but just in case: first come first served; prices do not include shipping but we'll come to an easy agreement on a fair price for that; any questions just ask. I can take jpg's if required. Please be patient if I do not get back to you right away; someone has probably inquired before you and may be awaiting an answer to a question, confirmation, etc. I always reply individually back to each inquiry. All items will be very well packaged. Personal checks ok from those I know, MO's otherwise please; sorry, no Paypal.

Eric Elman 105 Bobolink Lane Somers, CT 06071 USA

Please reference the item number(s) you want with your inquiry and might as well include your shipping address too. Have a look, drop a note, be quick!

1.. Crankset, NOS/NIB, Ofmega Competizione, stunning item, 170 strada, 42/52, 9/16x20f. Their best offering and the finish is better then Campagnolo NR/SR. Includes chainring bolts and crank arm dust caps. No BB. $225.-

2.. Crank arm set, NOS, Campagnolo NR/SR, another stunning item, 167.5 strada, no date, 9/16x20f. Includes "Brev." crank arm dust caps. $165.-

3.. Crank arm set, NOS, Stronglight 105 1st gen., (traditional Stronglight star pattern with Campagnolo shaped arms), 170 length, 9/16x20. Very, very slight shop wear. Non-drive side arm is a slight mismatch; it has the same arm profile and stamping but with a slightly narrower relief on the front of the arm and no relief on the back of the arm. Who will notice?? No crank arm dust caps. $45.-

4.. Crank arm, drive side, believed to be NOS take-off, Stronglight 93, 170 length, 9/16x20f. Incredible shine, light shop wear/mark next to pedal spindle hole at 7-9 o'clock position. No crank arm dust cap. $25.-

5.. Bottom Bracket, used, Campagnolo NR, 68-ss-120z, French thread, includes cups, lock ring, spindle and crank bolts/washers, smooth races and only very minor tool marks to the lock ring. $35.-

6.. BB Sleeve, NOS, early Dura-Ace. &1.-

7.. BB locknut, NOS, Stronglight, English thread. $5.-

8.. BB adjustable cup, NOS, Nervar, English thread. $5.-

9.. BB fixed cup, TA or Stronglight brand, English thread. $5.-

10.. BB grab bag, all NOS, 4 fixed cups, 1 adjustable cup, 2 lock rings, threading and brands unknown. $5.-

11.. Crank arm removal tool, NOS, Zeus. $5.-

12.. Pedal set, NOS/NIB, Campagnolo SL. Box has a tear to the surface from tape being pulled off. Includes toe clip hardware packet. $70.-

13.. Pedal set, barely used, Lyotard 45CA as standard on Peugeot PX-10's, alloy body, steel center, includes Christophe chromed steel toe clips, excellent smooth bearings and no signs of wear, English pedal threading. $40.-

14.. Pedal set, barely used, Lyotard Berthet in near mint condition with no wear visible and nice and smooth too. English threading. $50.-

15.. Pedal set, NOS/NIB, Cinelli M71, in original Styrofoam package with special cleats and tool. $40.-

16.. Toe clips, NOS, MIRA, black alloy, size L, $5.-

17.. Chain, NOS/NIB, Everest ½ x 3/32, black chain, red and blue box. $30.-

18.. Chain, NOS/NIB, Renold ½ x 3/32, black chain, yellow/blue/white box. $15.-

19.. Derailleur set, NOS/NIB, Suntour 1st gen. Cyclone, silver/red boxes, among the best shifting, lightest weight derailleurs of the period, clamp on front. $50.-/set

20.. Derailleur, rear, used, Suntour Cyclone GT (long cage), good/very good condition, missing top pivot bolt, upper jockey wheel appears to be NOS. $20.-

21.. Derailleur, rear, used, Suntour V-GT (long cage), very good condition and complete, jockey wheels have almost no wear at all. $15.-

22.. Derailleur, front, NOS/NIP, Suntour Cyclone MKII w/band clamp. Old white style box is shopworn. $15.-

23.. Derailleur, front NOS with tiny shop wear, Suntour Cyclone 1st gen., black body. $15.-

24.. Derailleur, NOS in original bag (original bulk purchase), Triumph model, clamp on. $10.-

25.. Derailleur, NOS in bag (original bulk purchase), Campagnolo NR/SR, clamp on, all silver/chrome, 3 holes and small lip on cage. Get this: $20.-/each or 5 for $90.-; what a deal!!!

26.. Derailleur, used, Campagnolo GS from the 1960's, fair to good. 10.-

27.. Demultiplicator, NOS, Simplex, includes original cable, clamp, and related hardware. $15.-

28.. Bar-End shifters, NOS/NIP, Simplex, complete original kit with cables, clamps, demultiplicator, instruction sheet, bar-ends, etc. Package has been opened cleanly to view items. $60.-

29.. Water bottle, NOS, Peugeot, blue and gold print on white TA bottle. $25.-

30.. Water bottle, NOS, OLMO, red, black, silver, green print on white Mariplast (Italy) bottle. $25.-

31.. Water bottle & cage, new take-off? (looks new but cage has signs of being mounted), Medici, black print on deepish yellow Cobra aero shaped bottle, cage is black. $25.-

32.. Water bottle cage mounting straps, NOS/NIP, steel w/nuts & bolts. $2.-

33.. Headset, NOS/NIB, Suntour Superbe Pro, silver box, w/English threads and hard to find 26.4 crown race. $60.-

34.. Headset, used, Lightrace, nice condition with good chrome and bearing races just show earliest/faintest signs of brinelling, some tool marks to locknut, includes bearings, French thread. $20.-

35.. Headset locknut & spacer, NOS, Zeus, aluminium (silver), French thread. $10.-

36.. Headset, used, Suntour alloy and steel, believed to be early Superbe, 26.4 crown race and English threads, with dirt seals, nice unit, perfect races, w/bearings, light tool marks on the locknut. $25.-

37.. Headset, used, AES brand?, sold to me as an EDCO but not like any EDCO I've seen and has "aes" lightly stamped on side, alloy with steel race inserts, excellent condition, 26.4 crown race and English threads, edgy looking with no round curves (i.e. not Campagnolo NR looking), all edges are flat with bevels, nicely made, funky. $15.-

38.. Musette bag, NOS, dark blue cloth with yellow Campagnolo script and white strap. $20.-

39.. Shift levers, NOS, Zeus, braze on type similar in style to Campagnolo Record levers. Includes both levers and all hardware. $15.-

40.. Freewheel, NOS/NIB, TDC, 5 speed, 14/16/18/20/22, black, English thread. $25.-

41.. Freewheel, NOS/NIB, Maillard 700 Super Plus (Spidel), 6 speed, 13/15/17/19/21/23, silver, English thread, box is worn and has been taped up. $25.-

42.. Freewheel, used, ALLOY cogs, Suntour Winner, 5 speed, 14/15/17/19/22, English thread, very nice condition w/light wear. $30.-

43.. Freewheel, NOS, ALLOY cogs, Suntour Winner, 5 speed, 13/15/17/19/21, English thread. $45.-

44.. Freewheel, NOS, ALLOY cogs, Suntour Winner, 5 speed, 14/15/16/18/22, English thread. $45.-

45.. Freewheel, NOS, Suntour New Winner, silver, steel cogs, 5 speed, 13/14/15/17/19, English thread. $20.-

46.. Freewheel, used, Cyclo Competition (PX10), black, 5 speed, 14/15/17/19/21, English thread, good condition but greasy dirty. $15.-

47.. Freewheel, used, Regina BX Extra, 6 speed, 13/15/17/19/21/23, English thread, good condition. $15.-

48.. Freewheel parts, NOS, Regina Extra, 5 speed, 13/16/20/22/26, English thread, freewheel body has some threading issues with some of the cogs. $10.-

49.. Book, NOS, The Complete Book of Bicycling 4th ed., soft cover, Eugene Sloane. $3.-

50.. Book, NOS, the Moulton bicycle, soft cover, Tony Hadland w/forward by Alex Moulton. $40.-

51.. Brake set (front and rear), barely used, Mafac Competition 2nd version w/black & gold decal, 49-59 reach, includes straddle wires, cable hangers f&r and both straddle wire yokes, levers with torn full black hoods otherwise overall excellent condition, great looking and stopping brake set. $45.-

52.. Brake lever set, used?/new?, Suntour Superbe, slotted levers, black dia-compe anatomic shape hoods which look and feel new, excellent condition - possibly NOS but not sure. $20.-

53.. Brake lever set, NOS/NIP, Galli, no hoods, drilled levers with "GALLI" relief down the top and filled in black. $5.-

54.. Hub set, used, Excelto (Pelissier), large flange with stylized flange cut-outs, 36h, 122OLN, exceptional/super smooth, front axle has two flats filed on end as if to fit a smaller then standard dropout opening, plenty of non-filed axle round for normal fitting into dropouts, nothing to worry about but must state up front, English threading, no QR's. $60.-

55.. Hubset, NOS, Pelissier, large flange with normal oval cutouts, 36h, 126OLN, English thread, although NOS note that there is some slight roughness to bearings requiring cleaning and fresh grease, no QR's. $95.-

56.. Hubset, barely used, Maillard 700 Professional Team Issue, large flange, 36h, 125OLN, smooth as silk, includes Simplex QR's (mid '70's style), one label has small scrape (1mm x 2mm), stunning hubs rivaling Campagnolo. $110.-

57.. Hubset, used, Campagnolo Tipo large flange with circle cutouts, 36h, nice and smooth, very nice condition, 120.5OLN, no QR's. $40.-

58.. Pump clips, NOS/NIP, AFA brand, 1960's style, w/instruction sheet in French and English. $10.-

59.. Pumps (3), Silca, NOS/NIP (2 in package one missing package), all are Bianchi Celeste, frame fit. 61.5mm uncompressed and 56.5mm compressed; frame fit 49.5mm uncompressed and 44.5mm compressed; Bianchi Celeste, frame fit 46.5mm uncompressed and 41.5mm compressed. $35.-/all 3

60.. Stem, used in very good condition, Peugeot labeled on sides, allen quill and clamp w/nut (mid '70's), 22.0 and 10/10.5 length. $25.-

61.. Stem, used in very good condition, Peugeot labeled on sides and Atax on top, allen quill and clamp with recessed clamp bolt and no nut (later '70 's), 22.0 and 12/12.5 length. $25.-

62.. Stem, used, 3ttt Gran-Prix "TTT special", 11cm reach, very good condition, requires a nice polish for a show bike, missing quill bolt. $25.-

63.. Seat post, used, SR Laprede, 27.2mm, top half is in fine condition, bottom half has markings. $5.-

64.. Chainring, NOS, Stronglight 99 (86bcd), drilled (bis), silver, 42t. $25.-

65.. Chainring, NOS, Stronglight, 144bcd, 44t Campagnolo SR style. $15.-

66.. Chainring, used, Campagnolo NR 151bcd, grungy(sp?) and with scrapes, etc., but still life left in the teeth, 52t. $10.-

67.. Chainring, NOS, Zeus 2000, 53t, drilled, silver. $15.- (or 2 for $25.-)

68.. Chainring, NOS/NIP, Shimano Dura-Ace 1st gen., 52t, silver. $25.-

69.. Chainring, new take-off, 48t, 110bcd, stamped "SR 307". $5.-

70.. Chainring, NOS, 44t, 110bcd, stamped "SR 341". $5.-

71.. Chainring, NOS, TA, 42t, for 6 arm crank, 80bcd, stamped "Made in France" but not the typical TA Cyclotourist style as this is the quite rare ref: r208 "reinforced 80bcd inner chainring" with a strengthened inner web and 6 large ovalish cutouts, see Joel Metz's http://www.blackbirdsf.org/ta/inner.html for a picture. $20.-

72.. Saddle, used, Wrights Swallow W3SW, black, chrome rivets, very nice condition with no cracks or tears in leather with excellent shape, chrome is overall excellent, some light scuffs on sides and a small smudge of white paint that should be easily removed. Can be cleaned up easily and nicely to superb condition. $70.-

73.. Saddle, NOS, Brooks B17, 1985, black w/chrome rails, small rivets and old style large badge on rear. $70.-

74.. Saddle, used, Brooks Pro, brown w/chrome rails, 1973 dated, medium sized copper rivets, leather and chrome are very excellent, leather still has excellent shape to it, badge is intact but the silver Brooks lettering is mostly faded/gone. $55.-

75.. Saddle, used, Brooks Pro, black w/chrome rails, no date stamp, medium sized copper rivets, leather and chrome are excellent with just two very small/shallow creases or cracks toward rear side, leather still has excellent shape to it, badge is 1970's style, intact and excellent. I'm being conservative/cautious with my description - this really is an excellent saddle. $55.-

76.. Saddle, used, Ideale 2001, smooth leather over plastic w/no padding, some scuffs to leather and one side label, great user. $15.-

77.. Handle bar/stem combo, used, 3ttt bar, very early with faint stampings (the few I've seen were also lightly stamped), 42.5e-e, Pivo stem with faux lugs and recessed decoration at clamping area, 85/90 reach, 22.0 dia with scrapes below the max insertion line. $30.-

78.. Handle bar/stem combo, used, AVA from late 1960's Peugeot, 42e-e bar, stem has faux spear point lug, 22. 0 diameter, 10/10.5 reach, no apparent cracks!! $20.-

79.. Handle bar, NOS, SR Sakae Custom Road Champion, nice engravings, 41.5e-e but a bit narrower at top bend (ends flare out a bit), 25.25 clamping area. $15.-

80.. Shoes, NOS, le coq sportif "sprint" model, fake leather and mesh, w/adjustable plastic cleats, some shop soiling but really very nice, size 42 ¾. $10.-

81.. Shoes, NOS/NIB (box is rough), Duegi, all leather with nylon sole and adjustable bolt on cleats (tool included), size 39. $20.-

82.. Shoes, NOS/NIB, Detto Pietro art. 74 special, all leather with thick leather sole and original assortment of adjustable metal and plastic cleats (3 sets total) and tool, size 40, very vintage style. $30.-

83.. Shoes, NOS/NIB, Marresi, all leather with thick leather sole and original plastic cleats mounted (adjustable), very vintage style, size 42. $30.-

84.. Rim set, NOS/NIP, NISI Sludi, 36h, silver, the very special ones w/weight reducing cutouts on tire mounting side of rim and the oh, so cool, real metal Nisi Cerchi badge with red, blue and white enamel. For your best Italian project. $100.-

85.. Shop sign, used, "BELL" (helmets), oval shape, 6.6" x 14.5", clear plastic with red background. $15.-