Re: [CR]$2,000 De Rosa: a new category needed?

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Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 13:34:01 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]$2,000 De Rosa: a new category needed?

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Well, Bruce, that ought to start a flamefest. But before you are roundly abused by the Italophiles, for what it's worth, I largely agree with you. I've said before that in that era it seemed the only difference between Italian marques was whether the cutouts in the lugs were hearts, spades or clubs. I think that is why, despite having more bikes than I care to admit, I have only a very few Italian ones. And the few I have are all rare departures from the Italian "formula". Aluminum ALANs, Legnano with the idiosyncratic seat binder, Gianni Motta with the tricolore paint, the unusual stays, and defiantly refuing to apply tubing decals. I do have a bike with the signature Cinelli seatstays, but on a Windsor Pro (Sort of a "forged signature"?). And I do have a couple of late 90's but classic style Bianchi TSX/UL's. My only excuse there is that the Italian formula of the 1970's had become nonconformist in 1997. Or maybe there is something cool about a bike with a signature pea soup green color which they call Celeste, when it is nothing of the sort. Regards, Jerry Moos Houston, TX

brucerobbins <> wrote: Looks like every other Italian bike of that era I've ever seen. Perhaps Dale can start a "What a waste of money" section on the CR website? Bruce "I like Italians but not their bikes" Robbins Dundee Scotland
> From: "Mike Schmidt"
> I had my eye on a mid 70's De Rosa frame. It was kind of dirty but I =
> liked it and the price was about $225. with a minute to go. So, I took =
> my best shot and bid $425 bucks. Not even close. Three guys put some =
> serious numbers probably thinking no one in their right mind would pay =
> two grand for this frame. Final price: $2,026.55. The item # is =
> 3690555348
> Well if this sale goes through, it belongs on Dale's website as one for =
> the record books. ------------------------------------------------------- Looks like I need to post a Retraction of my comment about "Some people having more money than brains". It looks like I am in the minority. I guess there are a LOT of people who would have paid $2000+ for that $250 frame. Oh well, I guess I am just too poor to be one of them. cheers-
Dave Anderson
Cut Bank MT