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Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 12:45:59 -0500
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Thanks Dale, I agree with your philosophy re the CR list. My point has nothing to do with those who notify the list of their eBay sales nor of those who "out" interesting items. It is with the seeming new phenomenon of sellers outing their own items when the the bidding has not met their expectations. The intent appears to be to "excite" the bidding pool (CR list readers) to "bid high and bid often". My opinion only not that of Steve Massland. Rod Handsfield, Hutchinson, Kansas

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> << This is a list for oldtime bike enthusiasts not eBay marketers. >>
> Dear Rodney and all:
> Unfortunately the above quote does not accurately reflect my intentions for
> the CR list ....
> I think I understand some of the impatience that a few CR members feel about
> eBay outings (see below), but I not only permit eBay outings on the CR list, I
> encourage them, so long as they are a one time only mention and the items are
> on-topic.
> My reasons are as follows:
> 1. You can see that it is an eBay outing in the title so you don't have to
> read it.
> 2. Many of us live in regions where there are few or no swap meets, little
> prevailing bicycle culture, smaller population bases. We simple would not come
> across old bike bits without eBay or similar.
> 3. Many of us do not always have time or inclination to search eBay so these
> outings bring our attention to items that we might have interest in.
> I think that many folks dislike the eBay marketplace with it's potential
> pitfalls, distrust and sometimes distasteful profit motivation, but I just counsel
> you to realize that it's a fact of life.
> There also seems to be a prevailing sentiment that collectors and vintage
> cycle appreciators should pass old bike goods between one another at super low
> prices, in fact, many feel it's an obligation among the fraternity. That of
> course happens occasionally but it's far from an obligation, and it's extremely
> naive (IMO) to expect that from others.
> On the CR list in particular, I think it is extremely gracious and kind for
> sellers to offer items to the CR list first, at a price they would like to
> receive before going to eBay. I would commend Hilary Stone in particular as he
> frequently does just that. Hilary loves old bikes but he also is a genuine
> merchant in same and as such is great dependent on vintage bike bits to make his
> living.
> Thanks
> Dale
> Dale Brown
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