Re: [CR]Lubricant for Gum Hoods

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Subject: Re: [CR]Lubricant for Gum Hoods
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From: "Morgan Fletcher" <>
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 11:13:28 -0700
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Craig Sandvik <> writes:
> When I watched a shop rat install hoods in the list
> era, he sprayed the inside with rubbing alcohol.
> The idea here is the alcohol evaporates fairly
> quickly so you can go ride sooner. I used hair
> spray last time I did this (admittedly on non-gum
> off-topic hoods).

I've been using hairspray (Aqua Net Extra Hold :-) ) to install mountain bike grips for a long time. The nice thing about hairspray is that it's a lubricant when its wet, but as soon as it dries it's a mild glue, and its water-soluble so its fairly easy to remove the grips later and to clean the bars. (IIRC, motocrossers sometimes use spray paint for the same purpose.) Zip-ties help keep mtb grips on in wet conditions.

I'm not sure I'd do this with road bike brake hoods. The warm water trick sounds best. Whenever I've replaced hoods (not speaking vintage, fragile stuff here) I've always done it dry and just muscled the hoods on. Never had a problem. I can see the concern about doing this with older, rarer hoods. I'd never let brake fluid get near any road bike.

You have my apologies if this is too off-topic or not helpful.

Morgan Fletcher
Oakland, CA