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Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 15:08:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
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Todd, does your Flandria have any tubing decal? I bought an all Dura-Ace early 70's Flandria on eBay a few months ago, and the same seller sold an identical one recently. Some list members were skeptical of the quality of the frame because it has no tubing sticker, but it seems like a quality frame to me, equal to a top Peugeot or Raleigh model.


Jerry Moos Houston, TX wrote: Hi all:

Thanks to member Bob Freitas, I now have a 62cm (just my size and not his) Flandria (Dura Ace Equipped) Professional or Competition (top end non-custom) model bike. The derailleurs had been swapped out for Suntour, the mavic monthlerys for rigida clinchers and the plastic seat for a low line leather Ideale. I've located replacements for everything but the seat. The original plastic seat is not ok for my bottom so I won't be seating an original equipment replacement.

I was a bike mechanic in the mid 1970's and got to assemble and tune many a bottom end Flandria and Bianchi. We had one top end model in inventory. I believe it to be a 1972. I always wanted that bike but it was too small and too expensive. Now, thanks to Bob, I have a want fulfilled.

Shimano sponsored the elite Flandria team in 1973 only. Amateur or second tier pro were sponsored for 1974 and 1975.

The pro models came with sr custom stem and seat post. These sr products are durable but not finished to the standard that the typical listmember would appreciate, including me. Nonetheless they were original equipment. I'm torn. Be fanatical about original equipment accuracy or take some liberties and install prettier period correct sr parts.

Now the reason for my post:

I saw a post in the last few days asking about photos of a De Rosa. The request made me think that you all might be able to help me. I, too, am looking for photos. I want to try to find out if the 1973 team rode bikes with sr stem and seat posts also.

I'm looking for photos of Flandria Bikes/racers from 1973. Side shots of Flandria/Shimano Team members Maertens, Godefroot, DeMeyer,Pollentier on their bikes, during any event. Since its a Belgian Team best luck at finding images would be at the report of the spring Classics.

Maertens got 2nd at the Worlds Godefroot got a win in stage 5 of the Tour mediocre results in the spring classics (for '73 anyway)

I have photos from two angles of Maertens at the worlds. Neither show the bike very well. I have another of Godefroot head on (or nearly so) at some event. A side view close-up in action or side/front close up not moving would be appreciated.

Todd Teachout Hercules, CA

P.S. I've been reading you all for a while. I haven't been able to post since my ISP was bought up (now two years ago or more). I finally had the gumption to re-subscribe with new information. Hopefully, it'll work.

Hopefully the project will be finished soon and I'll post pics to Dale for the Flandria marque.

Todd Teachout