Re: [CR]chroming a far to go?

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Subject: Re: [CR]chroming a far to go?
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 09:05:01 -0700

If you can not chrome the location were the race goes all the better my tool will not cut through chrome to get the race to fit. Even thought I like the look of chrome just under stand chrome will let water in so you have to wax it or the rust devil will get in and chrome does weaken the metal but SL forks are pretty strong so that should be your least problem. Good luck. Steven Willis 1778 East Second Street Scotch Plains NJ 07076 908-322-3330

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Subject: [CR]chroming a far to go?

> greetings folks!
> i'm getting an SL fork chromed (formerly just painted). how much of this thing should i have 'em chrome (they're not bicycle people)?
> should i have 'em chrome up the steerer a couple inches above the crown race? no problems w/ fitting the lower headset race in this case?
> or should i have 'em stop right before the lower headset race?
> any other tips or things to advise these chromers?
> walter
> metro-detroit-area, michigan