re [CR] When did Raleigh International geometry change?

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Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 13:45:41 -0500
From: "Steve Kurt" <>
Subject: re [CR] When did Raleigh International geometry change?

From: Shannon Menkveld <>

"One of the bikes on my "will own" list is the International. I've got a thing for 1970's Raleighs, mostly due to my dad working in a Raleigh shop in San Francisco back then. He was a "Raleigh man" through and through. And the design of the International seems unique among production lightweights of that time, a more relaxed, all-rounder type frame with racing parts.

I have read, and the archives confirm, that the later internationals were steeper and shorter. When did this change take place? Or, if one were looking for a true, "long-n-low" International with chromed Nervex Pro lugs, what would be the last year that they were made that way?"

Hi Shannon,

I have a '71 International, as well as a '74 model. The '71 has noticably longer chainstays than the '74, so the transition was somewhere in that span.

Looking through the Raleigh catalogs, I can't quite make out when this occured. If I had to guess, I'd say that the '72 catalog shows long chainstays on the International, while the '73 shows the shorter, sportier chainstays.

Steve Kurt
Peoria, IL