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Subject: Re: [CR]Paul Egli?
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 15:00:10 -0400

Paul Egli was indeed a Swiss bicycle racer. Born in 1911, died in 1997. He raced as a pro from 1934 to 1947. He won the first stage of the 1936 Tour de France. There are probably photos of him somewhere in my magazine collection. If you saw a bike with his name on it in 1971-2, then he would have been 60 or so at the time.

There's probably no relationship between Paul Egli and the Egli motorcycles (named for builder Fritz Egli)... just a coincidental same last name.

Aldo Ross
Blue Ball, Ohio

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Subject: [CR]Paul Egli?

> First of all I'd like to thank those who said hello both publicly and
> privately after my initial post.
> Now on to topic: one of the most beautiful bikes I ever saw was a "Paul
> Egli" made in Switzerland. I saw the bike circa 1971-72 in the Detroit area.
> It had nervex lugs, and was made with Reynolds 531 DB. The paint was
> unique--a beautiful deep metallic blue that faded into white at certain
> points and LOTS of two color pinstriping everywhere. Oddly I can't remember
> if it had any chrome or not, But it was obviously a high quality bike.
> I've never seen another Paul Egli since then and can't find out anything
> about this marque on the internet although I've learned that Egli was a
> Swiss bicycle racer so I'm assuming the bike was named after him.
> At any rate I'm wondering if anyone else here has seen or owned a Paul Egli
> and could share some info on the company's history etc. Even better would be
> a link to some photos of the actual bikes.
> Thanks in advance ,


> Larry Hakim

> Oxford, MS