[CR]Friday Night Life at Steve Willis's Bike Stand - was Pike

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From: "Mike Schmidt" <mdschmidt@patmedia.net>
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Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 18:44:31 -0400
Subject: [CR]Friday Night Life at Steve Willis's Bike Stand - was Pike

Odd, the west coast guys get the NYC bagels when I visit the left coast and the right coast guys get the pizza and Wexford's Irish Creme Ale.

Yeah Steve Willis is a hot wrench and we are fortunate to have him as a resource. I just laugh when he yells at me for doing something wrong while I am wrenching on my own bike. " GRASSHOPPER, DON'T GRAB THE BRAKES BY THE ....." "THOSE OLD PARTS DON'T GROW ON TREES YA KNOW" (Maybe not on trees but its amazing what I have found in the store's basement) Probably because I consumed half the Wexford cans by then, Steve had to bail me out because the BB's ball bearings were getting loose and were falling out of the of the "M" in the Masi' s BB. SCHMIDT.,MORE GREASE IN THE CUPS!!! Willis, pass me another brew from the refer.

Saw "Major Tom" wheel his new Stan Pike out of Steve's shop and it looked kewl. Enjoy it Tom!

Mike Schmidt
Stirling, NJ

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Subject: [CR]Stan Pike done

> I can attest to that frame being real clean. I saw it in Steve's shop
> before being built up. Real nice, and yes Steve has pulled my butt out of
> the fire a couple of times. Either by observing my inexperience and
> correcting me or just plain sitting me down and making me do it right. I
> prefer the latter when I have time but patience is one of his strong
> points. Where else can you get professional advice, discuss bikes with
> other gear heads, watch a favorite DVD and lift and elbow or two every
> Friday night. Mike Schmidt brings along a pizza and like George on
> Seinfeld says, there is only one thing missing. But this is a family show
> so I will stop there. Good luck on the Pike Tom and hope to see you all on
> Peter's ugh I mean Steve Maasland's ride;)
> Ray Homiski
> Elizabeth, NJ