Re: [CR]Connection between Gun tubes and Bike Tubes

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Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 23:25:39 -0400
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Subject: Re: [CR]Connection between Gun tubes and Bike Tubes

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>Eibar, Spain is also the home of Star firearms and maybe others. I
>know it was the primary steel producing town for Spain in the early
>1900s. I don't know of a connection between Star & Zeus other than
>both are in Eibar. A couple of days ago, I posted an ebay outing
>for a Browning bike that might have been connected to the Browning
>Firearms company in Belgium. And, it seems that last month someone
>mentioned that Steyr (the Austrian gun company) made Puch at one
>time. It seems logical to me that a steel company would manufacture
>tubing and gun barrels. But, other than these examples, were there
>others? Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

Iver Johnson used to be an important bike maker (I own an old I.J. frame I haven't yet decided what to do with.) They also made Sirhan Sirhan's revolver.

There are Smith & Wesson bicycles, but I believe they're just generic asian bikes with the S & W logo.

Going back to 19th century England, there was a connection between Rudge and Whitworth. Whitworth also made military rifles for Queen Victoria's Redcoats.

Sir Joseph Whitworth was a great man of the British Industrial Revolution, second only to I.K. Brunel. He was the first to manufacture all-metal machine tools. He invented the milling machine. He was the first to develop a standardised [sic] system of thread sizes and wrench sizes.

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