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From: "R Bulis" <RichardBulis@msn.com>
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Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 12:38:20 -0700
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Subject: [CR]Re: CR, specifically Ebay shill

I just uploaded about 24 items to Ebay (and I have more to go, but since the lastest CR digest just bounced in, I took a break to read it.) It's all printed matter, period correct of course, consisting of Bikecology and Bike Warehouse catalogs, a whole slug of Shimano dealer part catalogs and consumer stuff, the last of my Schwinn catalogs and brochures, and the contents of my British folder.

The last has brochures from Bob Jackson, MKM, speedwell, and there are 5 different Raleigh consumer catalogs, all from the 70's. Perfect for you restorers to get the colors and decals right. Probably worth a look, search by seller ID: RBulis will get you there fastest. They'll start wednesday night, end monday night.

And speaking of EBay, FYI & with no relation or interest, Loose Screws ( fmr Third Hand parts) has Campag NR braze-on NOS shift levers for $29.99 and TT cable clamps for under $10. I see that stuff going for a lot more on the ebay. I'm sure you can find your way there if you're interested.

Also, I am trying to figure out how to list/ eb-off my collection ( about 50 POUNDS worth) of Buy-cycling Magazine which I have more-or-less complete from 1987 back to 1967 and even some back into 1964 where it started its' life as the Northern California Cycling Association Newsletter, then became American Cycling, and ultimately Bicycling. The cover shots showing bent forks, saddles on top tubes and seat heights way too high (or low) brings much hilarity. But then there are cool shots of unbelievably youthful Tom Ritchey, Gary Fisher and other notables. It has been fun looking at them all again. So look for that on Ebay soon, if not tomorrow.

Thanks as always,

Ricardo Bulissimo, Verdi, Italy, ...whoops, Nevada