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Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 22:14:45 +0200
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Subject: Re: [CR]Re: CR, specifically Ebay shill
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Think loose screws prices are good.............You need to check out what we were offing this stuff to the list not so long ago,..................several months ago! If I remenber correctly Campagnolo bz-on gear levers, NOS $ 14.-. Sometime ago Campagnolo top tube cable clips used to be a freebie! I'm sure many of the older list members remembers these items.

BC Baron C.........................And the gang, remembering when offering Camagnolo NR 43/53 chainwheel combos to the list for $ 25.-....Those were the days.........Before the fire!

Renaissance cycles,
Eindhoven Holland!

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From: R Bulis
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Subject: [CR]Re: CR, specifically Ebay shill

> I just uploaded about 24 items to Ebay (and I have more to go, but since
> the lastest CR digest just bounced in, I took a break to read it.) It's all
> printed matter, period correct of course, consisting of Bikecology and Bike
> Warehouse catalogs, a whole slug of Shimano dealer part catalogs and
> consumer stuff, the last of my Schwinn catalogs and brochures, and the
> contents of my British folder.
> The last has brochures from Bob Jackson, MKM, speedwell, and there are 5
> different Raleigh consumer catalogs, all from the 70's. Perfect for you
> restorers to get the colors and decals right. Probably worth a look, search
> by seller ID: RBulis will get you there fastest. They'll start wednesday
> night, end monday night.
> And speaking of EBay, FYI & with no relation or interest, Loose Screws ( fmr
> Third Hand parts) has Campag NR braze-on NOS shift levers for $29.99 and TT
> cable clamps for under $10. I see that stuff going for a lot more on the
> ebay. I'm sure you can find your way there if you're interested.
> Also, I am trying to figure out how to list/ eb-off my collection ( about 50
> POUNDS worth) of Buy-cycling Magazine which I have more-or-less complete
> from 1987 back to 1967 and even some back into 1964 where it started its'
> life as the Northern California Cycling Association Newsletter, then became
> American Cycling, and ultimately Bicycling. The cover shots showing bent
> forks, saddles on top tubes and seat heights way too high (or low) brings
> much hilarity. But then there are cool shots of unbelievably youthful Tom
> Ritchey, Gary Fisher and other notables. It has been fun looking at them
> all again. So look for that on Ebay soon, if not tomorrow.
> Thanks as always,
> Ricardo Bulissimo, Verdi, Italy, ...whoops, Nevada