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          That's a Caimi freewheel. They became Everest. It is a neat bike, maybe about 1960. As to value it is the second line bike so that limits it a bit. $500-$800 maybe to someone but I can't really tell the condition. Keep it original. It's in pretty good shape and old enough that "restoring" is really tough and will destroy/mismatch with the patina. Joe Bender-Zanoni Great Notch, NJ

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> here are the pics for the frejus tour de france
> In my original post I stated that it had a campy freewheel, it does not. I forget the exact brand but it's something like calmpi or something like that. I also said that the columbus tubing decal didn't match any of those on CR columbus page, that is also incorrect. It is just like the very first label on the page, I'm assuming the oldest label on that page. When was this label used? I also read sheldon brown's frejus page in his price guide and what exactly are the "raised pedal lip cranks?" The cranks on my frejus have a rounded bulging head at the ends, is this what this is? What's the best way to go about working on the leather saddle? It's stiff but not completely dried out, it's curling up a bit. I'm not sure proofhide will do the job, is there anything I can use to bring back the suppleness a bit?
> Can anyone give me a rough estimate of value? I'm curious to know what I have here, not that I really want to sell it. It's a matter of deciding how much work should be put into the bike. The chrome on the fork needs to be redone, but the paint is in nice shape. Do you all think that it would be worth sacrificing the original paint on the fork to fix the chrome? I suppose if I can't match the paint, an all chrome fork wouldn't look bad. The rest of the paint on the frame is far from perfect but I think that enough of it is there to leave it original. With my bikes, I would rather have some scratches and original paint then a perfect non-original finish.
> thank you all for your help and opinions.
> marc garcia
> chicago IL ------------------------------------------------------------- Joe- You got a good eye for IDing the Caimi FW. However, I never knew Frejus to call a Columbus frame w/chrome lugs/detailing and Campy D/Os as "second-line".
Dave Anderson
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