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Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 22:55:51 -0700
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Cant make STEVENS NEW JERSEY RIDE? how about FAIRFAX,CALIF?? (much more scenic !)

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Subject: SUNDAY AUG 22nd ride-FAIRFAX,CA
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 22:46:56 -0700
From: Bob Freitas
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SUNDAY RIDE DETAILS Ride starts in FAIRFAX, park in the lot across from SUNSHINE BIKE (also across from location of FAIRFAX swap meet) this is CENTER BLVD We will ride west on side streets until we reach WHITES hill then we'll ride out SIR FRANCIS DRAKE meeting up at the WOODACRE turn off with 2nd group who do not wish to do the WHITES hill climb.This ride still has some climbs so ride a bike with appropriate gearing (there may still be someone on a FIXED) We will ride thru SAMUEL P TAYLOR park to PLATFORM BRIDGE then head west thru OLEMA turn north on ROUTE 1 to PT REYES station .TOM RAWSON recommends the STICKY BUNS at BOVINE BAKERY so we will take a break there before continuing out around the reservoir to RANCHO NICASIO then making our way back to FAIRFAX where there are a couple of places we could have lunch. START TIMES: 9:30 from FAIRFAX and approximately 10 AM at WOODACRE cut off I am expecting the weather to be great with the possibility of some wind on the way home we should have a nice sized group with a few new riders and plenty of interesting bicycles.


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