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From: "David Goerndt" <>
To: "Ted E. Baer" <>, <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]PX-10 info
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 09:02:57 -0400

: [CR]PX-10 info

> Here are my questions for the seasoned Peugeot
> experts:
> The serial # is on a little strip of aluminum that is
> pinned onto the BB. It reads: 0956791. Anyone know
> what year this frame is?
> Next, the lugs around the headtube have been painted
> black and do not go with the semi-metallic blue frame.
> I want to paint all of the lugs so that there is a
> killer contrast. I'm thinking white or yellow. My
> question here is: What type of paint should I use?
> By that I mean: lacquer? enamel? I don't know the
> first thing about paint.

>From your description and the serial number it could be early 70's, say 1970-71. Decals are another way to id the year within a couple of years.


David Goerndt
Orlando, FL (Charley survivor)