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Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 07:51:22 +0900
From: "Dennis Young" <mail@woodworkingboy.com>
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Subject: [CR]Quality level

> Hello. I've owned and ridden a Fiorelli/coppi for about ten years. Any info
> on quality level of bike would be nice. Bike came with Ofmega headset,
> bottom bracket, cranks, and hubs. Ambrosio rims were trashed, found old set of
> Campy sewups with double butted spokes and Record hubs. Campy down tube
> friction
> shifters attached to Nouvo Gran Sport derailers. Universal calipers controled
> by Campy levers with exposed cables.The words Coppi are written on both sets
> of dropouts. Also the number 2 is stamped on bottom bracket shell and steer
> tube.Thanks for any input. I've ridden this bike thousands of miles and it
> works
> like a sewing machine.It's also a great conversional piece on group rides,
> people always ask what are those little pieces of wire almost touching the
> tires
> at both brake calipers. Jonathan Whitworth Gastonia North Carolina

You describe your bike with affection and pride, the work you've put into it, and one can infer from your post that it is a fine rider, then you ask about the quality level.....? If someone answers your question and posts that it is a lower level high production number, then possibly you will want to get rid of it? Just wondering.....

I'm looking for those pieces of junk that are great.

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