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Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 08:01:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Steve Goodwin" <gudwyn@yahoo.com>
To: Dennis Young <mail@woodworkingboy.com>, classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
In-Reply-To: <BD4C1ACE.486E%mail@woodworkingboy.com>
Subject: [CR]Re: Masi Pestige tubing

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the welcome message! My wife's '84 Prestige has a Columbus SLX decal on the seat tube, right in the same place that my '82 has the "Servizio Corse" (sp?) transfer. The '84 was purchased from Greg Honn of Milano Sport in Greenwich CT. My understanding is that Greg has a fairly close personal relationship with Alberto Masi so it is possible that my wife's bike was some sort of special custom order for Greg. I'm sure Greg could provide more details that I can, but you're right, I have never seen another with a Columbus decal.

Thanks again & best regards, Steve Goodwin Westford, MA

Dennis Young <mail@woodworkingboy.com> wrote: Steve,

Welcome to the list. You state that your wife's Prestige has SLX tubing. I don't believe that many Prestiges had a tubing decal, and my possibly incorrect understanding is that Alberto tended to use Reynolds. What informs of the tubing on her bike?

Dennis young Hotaka, Japan

> ve Goodwin, Westford, MA USA
> I wish there was some sort of form or template to fill out for introduction
> type info, as I have a tendency to ramble on when not properly constrained!
> ... I have been a "vintage lightweight" enthusiast since about 1972 (before
> they became vintage.) My favorite bikes are Masi's, particularly early
> Carlsbad GC's, Prestige's and early 3V's... roughly the early 70's to mid-80's
> timeframe.
> My current stable includes 2 1973/4 Carlsbad GC's, a 1982 Prestige, and a 1984
> 3V. Also own a 1982 Colnago Super and a 1981 Mercian "King of Mercia"...my
> beaters.
> I managed to infect my wife with the enthusiast bug when we first met--at that
> time she owned a poorly assembled Royce Union 10-speed on which she had
> crashed and broken her wrist when a spoke-mounted reflector became lodged in
> the fork. I promptly set about ordering a Bob Jackson racing frame for her
> from Cycl-ology, and outfitted it with a full Campy NR groupset. I will never
> forget the smile on her face when she took it out for her first test ride!
> Her current stable of bikes includes the Jackson (1980), a 1982 Calzone
> (Columbus KL), a 1983 Cinelli Supercorsa, a 1984 Masi Prestige (Columbus SLX),
> and a 1989 Colnago Classic.
> Most bikes built after about '89 I barely recognize as bikes!!
> "The ones that got away" included: 2 additional early 80's Prestige's, a
> Cinelli Tokyo, a Pogliaghi Italcorse, and a second Cinelli Supercorsa.
> I have joined the list in "digest mode"... so will receive and peruse(sp?) the
> posts on a periodic basis.
> Bonjourno!
> Steve Goodwin, Westford, MA USA

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