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Joe Bender-Zanoni wrote:
>I think Sheldon's triple, cantilever requirement is too strict. Let's just
>say a lowest gear of around 32 gear inches (I actually like triples and much
>lower gearing) and the potential for strong braking. Some very serious
>tourists use wide range doubles by choice and Mathauser pads on stout
>sidepulls sit the bike down very well.

I never meant to say that you couldn't tour happily on such bikes. One of my own longest tours was on an old Dawes club frame with a 4 speed freewheel and only one chainring.

A great deal of happy touring has been done on English 3 speeds. Only two things are needed for a bike to be satisfactory for touring:

It must be reasonably comfortable.

It must be sturdy enough to not break.

However, the point I was making was that a bike that lacked those two features (triple chainrings and cantilever brakes) would not generally be considered a _purpose-built_ loaded-touring bike.
>It is also to be remembered that
>braking is a matter of hand strength also. Cantilevers also leave out the
>excellent and very custom brazed on centerpull option.

Sounds as if Joe is under the old, fallacious idea that the reason for cantilevers is to improve braking power. That's not correct. Cantilevers don't inherently have more braking power than caliper brakes.

The purpose of cantilevers is to improve tire and fender clearance.

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