Re: [CR]Saronni (Colnago) - info sought.

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From: "Angel Garcia" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Saronni (Colnago) - info sought.
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 08:55:08 -0400

Photo of Saronni here:

When I've seen the term "Saronni Colnago" used in the past they have referred to a red Colnago like the one in this photo. But, I don't know if it's limited to red....

Angel Garcia, Long Valley, NJ
> snip>
> Just seeking some info on these & any impressions some may have. I
> understand that these are likely to be regular Colnago's with different
> decals but what Colnago would they be similar in tier to and when were
> they made. Any pictures or links to examples would help too. Ive seen
> only one that is on Mark B's scans (what a treasure that is - thanks
> Mark). Would serial #'s be the same as per Colnago. Are they valued
> less or more than Colnago's of similar era.
> I have an opportunity to purchase a nice example of a Saronni pista
> frame, but I'm not sure if the chome fork (drilled) is original. I
> guess that might make it somewhat unusual. If I go for it i'll post
> pics & details if not .... I'll let the list know where & how much and
> can help with buying & shipping if needed. Alas, it's not cheap but in
> a beautiful Azzuri blue with quite fetching white decals (panels with
> black lettering & clover leafs).
> ben "la dolce vita" kamenajs
> Sydney, Oztralia