Re: [CR]Saronni (Colnago) - info sought.

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Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 12:30:11 -0400
From: "David G. White" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Saronni (Colnago) - info sought.
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Ben is correct that Colnago made a Saronni labeled frame. I've got a Colnago made Saronni-labeled frame in blue (paint very rough, decals gone -- anyone know where I can find some replacement Saronni decals?). Mine is nearly identical to the one Ben referred to in a Colnago catalog on Mark Bulgier's site: except mine does not have the "S" on the lower head-tube lug. Mine has Saronni pantographed on the seat stays as well as on the chrome fork crown. The rear drop-outs on mine also say Saronni. I wish I had all the cool Saronni pantographed equipment shown on the one in the catalog.

My vague impression is that Colnago introduced these Saronni named bikes after Beppe Saronni won the world championship for Colnago in 1982. I don't know how long Colnago made the Saronni branded bikes.

David -- too many frames -- White Burlington, VT

Angel Garcia wrote:
>Photo of Saronni here:
>When I've seen the term "Saronni Colnago" used in the past they have
>referred to a red Colnago like the one in this photo. But, I don't know if
>it's limited to red....
>Angel Garcia,
>Long Valley, NJ
>>Just seeking some info on these & any impressions some may have. I
>>understand that these are likely to be regular Colnago's with different
>>decals but what Colnago would they be similar in tier to and when were
>>they made. Any pictures or links to examples would help too. Ive seen
>>only one that is on Mark B's scans (what a treasure that is - thanks
>>Mark). Would serial #'s be the same as per Colnago. Are they valued
>>less or more than Colnago's of similar era.
>>I have an opportunity to purchase a nice example of a Saronni pista
>>frame, but I'm not sure if the chome fork (drilled) is original. I
>>guess that might make it somewhat unusual. If I go for it i'll post
>>pics & details if not .... I'll let the list know where & how much and
>>can help with buying & shipping if needed. Alas, it's not cheap but in
>>a beautiful Azzuri blue with quite fetching white decals (panels with
>>black lettering & clover leafs).
>>ben "la dolce vita" kamenajs
>>Sydney, Oztralia