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I could be wrong, but the Nervex number appears short by a few characters at the start - The numbers relate to various original production dimensions of the bracket shell viz ;


where ;

??0o?? would be the angle between the down tube and the seat tube in degrees - typically 59o30 for 59 degrees 30 minutes.

64o is the angle between the seat tube and chainstays, again in degrees.

D, I presume means diameter, because the next part ;

222 (small 2) is the inside diameter of the chainstay ports in mm.(22.2) with Nervex, whole numbers were associated with

E (Ecart or 'variation') relates to the dimension ;

38 for the distance between the chainstay port centre lines in mm.

With the full number and reference to the excellent Evian (GB) Nervex catalogue reproduced by Chuck Schmidt you can easily identify what particular bracket shell was used. I've seen plenty of these numbers that match up on frames with English threaded bottom brackets however no French threaded ones - anyone be as kind as to offer up the numbers from their French threaded Nervex bracketed frame for comparison ?

Bob Reid

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Hi All, Any help would be appreciated on dating this frame or deciphering the Nervex number does it mean anything? Enclosed a message I sent to a friend who is clued up on this make but any other help would be most welcome.
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> Hello James,
> Still no sign of the digital camera, real bugger as I use it for my
> autistic son. Show him pictures of the things he needs on the LCD
> screen, absolute godsend as he can' speak.
> Anyway will let you have pictures when I get a camera, for the time
> being he is a brief description of the Clements find.
> Ernie Clements frame No.3286 (under BB) 23" road frame 531 Reynolds
> butted tubing, Nervex lugs serial No640D222E38 the 0 after the 4 is a
> degree sign and the third 2 is a tiny lower case 2.
> Brazed on single pump peg on rear of seat tube, single cable stops for
> derailleur cables on right side of BB and right chainstay. Ernie Clement
> typical gear rear ends without the gear hanger.
> Finished in blue flam with white head panel, chrome fork crown and lugs
> lined in gold, plus gold box lining and other gold fancy lining to forks
> chainstays etc.
> Transfers consist of small type Reynolds 531 butted on ST, Ernie
> Clements white DT transfer, world rainbow seat bands, white diamond
> Ernie Clement seat tube transfer with blue and red alternating border,
> wording Dawley Shropshire. Head transfer light blue Ernie Clement
> diamond with red and dark blue alternating border, wording Wellington
> Shropshire.
> That's about it my guess is circa 1951 judging by the style, braze-on's
> and paint job. Very unusual to find a frame this original.
> Take care yours in cycling Mick Butler.
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