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Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 18:50:36 +0000

Yes, that is certainly possible as well, but unless the "builder" is fairly sophisticated at compressing and peening over the ends of the funky aluminum alloy pivot pins, it's pretty easy to spot by looking at those eight points on the derailleur. It'll look rebuilt.... On the Rally upper body, it's especially difficult to do, due to the tight spots on the lower side of said body. Cheers, Greg Parker Ann Arbor, Michigan

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> I'm sure we've all seen Campagnolo Rally cages married to Nuovo Record
> bodies. (there is one right now on ebay - # 3694970531 - with the hex bolts
> from the later Rally #5011/06 married to a NR body). But a more intriguing
> one, ebay #3695150187 showed up, being the older Rally #3450 with a NR
> outer plate. This one uses the original Rally upper body which had the frame
> mounting bolt offset. Now I know that it is possible to remove the pins,
> and re-rivet with a NR outer body plate, but what a load of work, even if
> one possessed a crashed out NR derailleur (with an unscathed outer plate).
> Or is possible this one was mistakenly assembled at the factory (like the
> upside down plane in the postage stamp) or did Campy actually release this
> between catalogs #17 & 18?

This is the third one of these I've seen on eBay in less than a month! The other two were in California (I think) and this one is in Canada.

It would be possible (and quite easy) to build one of these from the parts in a Campy spares cabinet. That is, I suspect, what is happening now.

Aldo Ross
Blue Ball, Ohio