[CR]Questions - suntour freewheels, older rim tape, Puch threading, bridge drilling, Claude Butler & Masi track

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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: "Professore di Pimpissimo" <bici_pimp@mac.com>
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 15:22:21 +1000
Subject: [CR]Questions - suntour freewheels, older rim tape, Puch threading, bridge drilling, Claude Butler & Masi track

Hi all,

Hunting around for some old bits here downunder. Got a few various questions.

Found a used Suntour Winner Pro 7 speed freewheel in a 13-23. Cogs are worn just a little, is clean too. Never had done of these models and when I spun it all seemed right with regard to noise & spin but shaking it around I can hear what sounds like loose bearings rolling around. Is this normal? Also, does anyone know a source for loose cogs to suit these or have a secret stash they wouldn't mind lightening a little?

Talking to a gentlemen about some old parts he has stockpiled, he mentioned something about "real" rim tape for back-in-da-day where it had a metal tab on one end that the other end looped through before itwas tied on. He mentioned these would suit my old track bars and was a common thing to do/use. Anyone know of this style of rim-tape and how far back was this???

Saw a very nice example of a Puch in pale white with pale blue luglining. full chrome stays and forks but sadly no decals ... just Puch pantoing and a wonderful bold Puch panto'd cinelli stem. Full super record. Looks early to mid 80's going by the parts, wheels & saddle but no tubing decal. Is it likely to be reynolds tubing and what threading is the bottom bracket likely to be ? (sorry was covered in gunk and the shop owner was closing the door to go home).

Saw a nice track frame that was really nice but sadly freshly painted with decals or obvious hints. Twin plate fork crown drilled and the rear seat stay bridge drilled for brakes. The front looks fine and with plenty meat around it. The rear looks thin and whilst I wont be fitting any brakes there will it being drilled compromise its integrity much, or given that its a low stress area should it be little to worry about. The seat stay bridge looks brazed (or is that welded) straight to the seat stays.

Is a Claude Butler from the mid/late 70's pucker? Saw a nice tourer and it looks very nicely detailed and finished but am wondering if this bike is considered kosher if you will, or whether it falls outside of perceived esteemed examples of the marque? Could be my first foray into longer chainstays and wider tire clearance but the parts are mostly done and it will need lotsa replacements. As the bike isn't cheap I'm wondering whether It's worth going for.

Lastly, what details would differentiate a mid-late 80's (maybe early 90's) Masi TRACK frame from something a little earlier. Anyone got pics for reference - mostly keen to see decals, fork crowns and seat stay caps/cutouts. Links or pics are welcome.


Ben Kamenjas
Sydney, Australia