Re: [CR]Anchors, Sheffields, wooden rims, and Brio tubulars

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Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 10:00:05 +0300
Subject: Re: [CR]Anchors, Sheffields, wooden rims, and Brio tubulars
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Aldo and fellow list members,

When I went to repack my Sheffield Sprints I found EXACTLY the same thing - completely devoid of any lubrication! So as Aldo suggested - check those Sheffields.

Mike Short, Austin TX.

On Sat, 28 Aug 2004 20:42:59 -0400 "Aldo Ross" <> writes:
> The Ancora is coming along.
> Roger at I-Pro (Bellbrook, OH) worked on the fork - he said it
> wasn't as bad as I'd told him. He did a quick check of the frame
> with using straight-edges and strings, and found it to be pretty
> close to straight, so for now I'm building it back up without
> visiting the frame alignment table at Wheelie Fun.
> Warning For Owners of Sheffield Pedals!!!
> The pedals that came with the Ancora are Sheffield Sprints with
> aluminum cages. They are almost unused, so I decided to open them
> up and see what they looked like inside. The outside (dust cap
> end) bearings were bright and shiny and had old sticky oil on them,
> but the inside (crank end) bearings were bone dry! Doesn't look
> like they've ever had any grease OR oil, and already the bearings
> were turning grey from lack of lubrication. So, if you have a bike
> with Sheffields, and you've never opened them up, I'd advise you do
> so before your next ride.
> Wooden Rims
> I was lead too believe that the rims on the Ancora were probably
> "Ghisallo" from the 1970s, but they have no name on them, and when
> compared to the set of Ghisallo-labeled rims I have on another bike,
> the Ancora rims have a rounder cross section. What ever they are,
> they're quite lovely and round, and true up quite nicely.
> Anyone familiar with Clement "Brio" tubulars?
> The tubies that came with the Ancora are Clement "Brio" with
> "Criterium"-style mixed tread, apparently round formed (not flat
> molded) and reasonably round. There is no lettering anywhere on the
> tread of elsewhere to indicate country of origin, just a 1980s-style
> label with red/white/green Italian flag, yellow rectangle with black
> "Clement" script, and blue rectangle with "B R I O" in white.
> Didn't Clement use green labels for light silks, yellow for normal
> silks, and red for cotton casings? Did blue labels indicate
> synthetic i.e. nylon casings, or did all that go out the window by
> the 1980s?
> Pic of the Day
> Does anyone have anything they want me to watch for in the big pile
> of magazines? I've nearly 400 magazines now, in singles and bunches
> covering the years 1924 to 1960, so send your requests and I'll see
> what I can find.
> I've just acquired three dozen copies of "But et Club - Les Miroir
> des Sports" from the mid 1950s to early 1960s, so I'll be posting a
> few "newer" images in the coming weeks. So much for my plans to
> focus on the Tour de France 1947-1952! I'm also bidding on a whole
> stack of "Match l'Intran" from 1936-39. These magazines are printed
> on a paper which gets EXTREMELY fragile after 65 years or so, but
> the images are much larger and printed more clearly than either BetC
> or Miroir Sprint, so I'm anxious to look through they're
> disintegrating pages. Expect to see, in the coming months, exciting
> new ways to wear your tubulars!
> Well, that's more than enough for now.
> Aldo Ross
> Blue Ball, Ohio
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