[CR]Old cranks/new narrow chains?

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Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 17:40:51 -0500
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: "Mark Stonich" <mark@bikesmithdesign.com>
Subject: [CR]Old cranks/new narrow chains?

What chains to people use with older cranks and 5 speed freewheels? I'm not enough of a purist to want to try to outbid people for NOS Regina and Sedis.

A friend writes;
>I use a Sram PC48 chain with TA Cyclotouriste cranks. Sometimes it does
>not engage either chainring during shifting, and rides between them. Is
>the chain not wide enough to span the "gap"? Is there a better
>chain available for this setup?

Since I'm in the process of building up my 1st bike with TAs, I'd like to find him (and me) an answer.

The PC48 is supposedly 7.1mm wide.

The 8 speed Shimano HG chains are spec'ed at 7.4mm, and KMC has a 5,6 & 7 speed chain at 7.3mm. Doesn't seem like enough difference to be significant.

Old 5-6 speed Sedis and Shimano UniGlide chains were 8.0mm

Interestingly, the SRAM single speed (1/2" x 1/8") is spec'ed at 7.8mm and measures only 7.72mm. (Other 1/2" x 1/8" chains are around 9.3mm) Since I've had lousy luck with Shimano chain, I wonder if anyone has tried this on an older bike.

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