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Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 12:58:13 +1000 (EST)
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My understanding is that the Clement name has been licenced by its owners, whoever they are, to various tyre makers over the years. I seem to recall that the Foxonal brand resulted from the termination of one of these licencing agreements.

David Benson Auckland, NZ

Todd Kuzma <> wrote: on 8/30/04 11:43 AM, Tom Martin at wrote:
> Pirelli has owned the Clement brand for a while now. Just recently they
> decided that they were going to retire the brand, then they decided not to
> do that.

Pirelli? Vittoria currently owns Clement. Does Pirelli own Vittoria?

The current Clement offers tires that have the same names as the classic Clements, but these are definitely NOT the same tires. Different construction. Different tread patterns. Goofy colors.

For a while, you could buy tires branded "Challenge" that were manufactured in Clement's former Thai factory. These tires were essentially the same as the classic Clements (if sometimes a little lumpy). However, I have not seen them in the US market for a while. So, that venture might have closed.

Todd Kuzma Heron Bicycles Tullio's Big Dog Cyclery LaSalle, IL


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