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Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 20:55:50 -0400
From: "David G. White" <whiteknight@adelphia.net>
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Thanks to everyone who offered info on Colin Laing and his frames. It was very enlightening. Based on the feedback, Oh Great Listmaster Dale, I'd say there's a good case for adding him to the Classic Rendezvous site.

I've received my new bike and it's every bit as nice as I expected based on the photos, except that the paint is in worse condition than I hoped. I've exchanged some emails with Colin. He tells me my frame (#5055) was built in 1973 while he was still in England. He's quite willing to repaint it for me (at a very reasonable price!), but he does not have any of the old-style decals. He suggests putting on his current style decals. Like Pat (see below), I don't much care for the current look. I'd like to restore it to its 1973 style.

So... I'm looking into having a local firm that specializes in making computer generated decals for custom motorcycles and hot rods, make repros of the ones on my frame. The question is, is there anyone else who could use some and perhaps share in the cost? There are two different ones on my frame: 1) small (about 1" x1.5") all black "Colin Laing" signature on both the head tube and seat tube, and 2) gold block letters with black outline "Colin Laing" on each side on the downtube. The only other decals are a standard Reynolds 531 decal and a Campy equipment decal. I'm not worried about these two.

You can still see the decals in the photos on the eBay listing:


Let me know!



David G. White Burlington, VT

rocketman531 wrote:
>Reference the Colin Laing F/F for sale from Sellwood--Colin has not kept the original graphics that his early bikes
>sported. The graphics have changed many times, but I still like the early (now Retro) look, unlike the Sellwood bike. His son, Ian has bikes that say 'Colian' on the down tube. Don't much like that one either.
>Pat Moffat
>Tempe, AZ
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>Sellwood has had a frame/fork on consignment:
>Angel Garcia
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