Re: [CR]Should we take up a pool? Original run Carlsbad Masi on E-Bay

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Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 13:51:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: "r cielec" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Should we take up a pool? Original run Carlsbad Masi on E-Bay
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Ahoy !

In my simple mind, I don't see any issue here. Just because an item is not appropriate for one person's intented use, does not mean the item is not appropriate for another person. One person's dis-interest does not mean the item is flawed or in some way inappropriate for sale. Someone else may be perfectly happy with the item. To each his own.


Richard Cielec Chicago, Illinois "" <> wrote:

listees... i am replying to this again (see mailbottom). somehow the ebay seller got news that i posted an opinion on a private forum re his ebay item and that opinion has tarnished his sale. just so that he is happy, let me retract one comment: once i decided that this frame had tubes that showed evidence of being damaged in the form of wrinkles on the top and down tubes, it wasn't that i DECLINED to buy it for that reason - i offered to buy it for less than the price the seller was asking. he sent me the frame via fedex on his dime and i sent it back to him via fedex on my dime. at this point, an email from him to me )cc-ed to dale) proves that he is upset about this and rightfully so. but (BUT!) i did state my position to him re the status of this frame upon its return and he was aware that i inspected it with the opportunity to buy it. based on my inspection i decided it was not worth it because of the irregularities on the tube surfaces. as i inferred, i would never do thia in public, and i hoped that this private by-subscription-only forum was an okay place to share an opinion, since i've been here since 1999. well - i am sorry i warned anybody cuz now i got some guy on the west coast disagreeing with me and he's upaet too.
chester, ct
cc to seller

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-- wrote: In a message dated 9/6/2004 11:29:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< this is about the worst thing i've ever done onlist, but since this a by-subscription-only list rather than a public forum i have to chime in... that frame was here last year and i declined to buy it because there is evidence of a crash resulting in a blip in the top and down tube. had it been otherwise - i would now own it. >>

Hardly a bad thing at all! If you were about to buy a car I knew had been crashed and compromised, and I, as your friend, didn't inform you, it would be terrible! Thank you Richard! Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina

for the record... i would never do this in a public forum. one more thing: i am not sure the owner is the seller. the owner clearly knew what i knew. the seller registered with ebay JUST YESTERDAY. e-RICHIE chester, ct



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