[CR]Pogliaghi advice please

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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: "Morgan Fletcher" <morgan@hahaha.org>
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 14:15:06 -0700
cc: Robert Schenker <ris@schenkerdesign.com>
Subject: [CR]Pogliaghi advice please

Oh jeez. I don't need another frame right now. I don't have any extra bike money. I'm neck deep in two projects, but I've always wanted an older Pogliaghi. I found a new-ish (?) one today.

I went to look at a Nuovo Record headset at a local guy's house, to see if it would be right for my 1974 Masi. It was. I asked what the headset came from - trying to determine what kind of threads it had. He said it came from a cracked frame, a Pogliaghi.

I tried to contain myself.

So, here are the pics:


Sorry if they're not the best. I was excited and I had my two kids with me, so they are quick snaps.

It's my size. it measures 61cm c-t. (I'm 6'2", ride a 60cm c-c.) It has been repainted by Cyclart, before the frame cracked. It has down tube water bottle bosses brazed on, two top tube cable guides, cable guides on the tops of the bottom bracket, long-drop-outs, no numbers on the headlugs, two numbers on the seat lug. (PSM I think and D523) BB is marked "HC" and "61". Is it true that the D stands for "10,000"? I can see no engravings or other identifying marks on the seatstay caps, lugs, fork crown.


If that's so, and this post is correct:


Would this be perhaps pre-1976? The top tube cable guides don't jive with that era tho, unless maybe he had Cyclart add those?

Is this a Basso or Rossin Pogliaghi, or was it made in Sante's shop? I couldn't find anything like this frame's numbers on the "Pogliaghi frame serial numbers" Classicrendezvous page:


It's downtube is completely cracked all the way around at the downtube shifter bosses. There's a tiny ding on the top tube. I can get this frame for pretty cheap, but I want to know what it is and how old it is before I proceed. I am pretty sure Ed Litton could repair it and make it right. I can go back and look at it, take more pics if you have things I should check.

Thanks for your time, sorry for the long post,

Morgan Fletcher
Oakland, CA