RE: [CR]NOW: Value WAS: Original run Carlsbad Masi

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Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 17:50:48 GMT
Subject: RE: [CR]NOW: Value WAS: Original run Carlsbad Masi

<> wrote: Richard, On that note then, what would you have happen to this Masi frame? No tube replacement but perhaps a repaint? Or is this Masi not worthy of a restoration, in your eyes? I thought the Cremonese builders made violins, not fiddles. Dave Patrick Chelsea, Michigan

what would i have happen to it? it's not my business. all i did was reply to tom sander's list post, and jesus h christ do i regret it. on a personal note, i am not a collector, though i have two myself. my personal bias leans away from an item that has what i refer to as undefined dna. in this case, the frame surely could be lovingly repainted for the third time - it could look great. if the 3 main tubes are replaced as well as the steerer - well, that's not my bag. re the fiddle comment: i think folks in the trade refer
to these as such.
chester, ct