Re: [CR]NOW: Value WAS: Original run Carlsbad Masi

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Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 19:20:31 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]NOW: Value WAS: Original run Carlsbad Masi

snipped: wrote: "Bikes are not really dangerous in an unrestored state if everything is in reasonable condition and one is not trying to beat any records. If one intends to go fast on a bike I would make sure all is up to a standard where one can be reasonably confident that mechanical or structural failure is unlikely. To sum up - I think there is room for both worlds in our hobby."

mike. this frame was painted twice. it was in an accident of some sort that caused deformation to two tubes; this will obviously have a resultant effect elsewhere in the frame, if nowhere else than in the wheelbase and handling...the fork is cut lower than optimum for a period nr headset. it's not an issue that this frame is dangerous or not. it's an issue of whether the bidder's subjectivity can look past all this and see a first gen frame from the masi usa gig and feel good about it in spite of the opinions posted in this list thread.
chester, ct