Re: [CR]Regina chains

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Subject: Re: [CR]Regina chains
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 04 04:53:35 +1200
From: "Wayne Davidson" <>
To: "greg arnold" <>, "CR BIKE LIST" <>

Hi, I can only comment on the superleggra chain, as I have 2. One is a natural steel finish and the other is nickel plated. They can be shortened, bit of a job but is possible. I am using on a std 6 speed and galli chainring setup, no problems with the chain. The natural steel finish one I am using at the moment came to me in a boxlot broken, was no problem as I do not race with it just a little riding, and it needed shortened for the Rigi it is on. I have heard from others that they can break, maybe to much load will break them....regards wayne davidson Invers NZ.......