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Subject: Pogliaghi mysteries, was Re: [CR]Pogliaghi advice please
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From: "Morgan Fletcher" <morgan@hahaha.org>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 21:05:58 -0700

I recently posted about finding a cracked Pogliaghi frame locally. I ended up buying it for $150. It's got a 59.5cm seat by 57cm top tube, both c-c. The serial number is D523 and the fork steerer has "523" stamped on it. The bb shell has "61" and "HC" stamped on it. The serial number means it's probably from the mid 1970s:


The braze-ons seemed a little odd: two top tube cable guides, downtube water bottle bosses, downtube shifter bosses and bottom bracket cable guides on top, plus a stop for the rear derailleur housing on the chainstay. The paint was newer, red and there was a Cyclart decal on the chain stay.


I mentioned the approximate date of manufacture to the seller, and he said that he bought the bike in 1980 from Wolf Cycle in Philadelphia, and that he couldn't see how it could be so old. He said that when he bought it, it had the downtube shifter bosses and the top-tube cable guides, and it was orange. He said he had Cyclart paint it red in 1987 or 1988. He said they did no other work.

I called Cyclart, but because there was no four-digit number inked on the steerer, they had no way of looking up the work order.

I found a number for Wolf Cycles in Philadelphia, and called them this morning. I asked if they ever sold Pogliaghis and the guy who answered the phone said that they didn't. I asked if they were in business in 1980 and he told me they'd been in business for seventy five years. I said that I had a frame that I thought might have come from them, a Pogliaghi. He said, "Wait, was it orange?" Turns out his brother bought a stock "burnt metallic orange" 61cm c-t Pogliaghi from an importer in about 1976, built it, rode it a little and sold it sometime around 1980. Ta da! This is probably the same bike. He said that he believes it did have top-tube cable guides and downtube shifter bosses on it, new. They built it with a mix of Dura Ace and Campagnolo parts, a Brooks saddle and TTT bar and stem. I've got the original handlebar and it's a TTT Superleggeri. (sp?) The guy I bought it from was selling the Brooks that was on it too. He said it originally had Sante's signature on the top tube. They received it as a bare frameset and built it at the shop. He said he got a Pinarello at the same time that his brother got the Pogliaghi, and it also had downtube shifter bosses.

It was very satisfying to link a random frame back to its original owner, and perhaps solve some curious mysteries. (the braze-ons)

I am 36, and my knowledge of lightweights really begins in 1985. Might a 1975 or 1976 Pogliaghi have had top-tube cable guides and downtube shifter bosses? Do any of you have pictures of a Pogliaghi with "burnt metallic orange" paint? I showed him this Pogliaghi:


...and he said it was darker, different.

I'm tempted to build this one with 1970s Dura-Ace... Ed Litton tells me he's having some decals recreated right now that would be appropriate for the bike. I dropped it off at his shop today for repair and restoration. He is doubtful that the braze-ons were original, but he says the Cinelli top tube guides and Campagnolo shifter bosses were available well before 1976.

Morgan Fletcher
Oakland, CA