Re: Bigotry; was: [CR]Interesting Faggin Track Bike on Ebay

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Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 13:50:41 +0200
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Subject: Re: Bigotry; was: [CR]Interesting Faggin Track Bike on Ebay
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One thing for sure......................Nobody is perfect!

Hanging out with me!............................Will make your heads spin, leave your jaws dropping to you knees and eyeballs doing 360s! Still yet, Cecile loves me...............I think!?!?!?

Classic content.............She's learning the trade of Vintage bikes, Bicycles and fiets! But she still can't tell the difference between a screw driver and open end wrench!. Joke!

Sorry Dale!

Baron C.....................And the gang!!
Renaissance cycles
Eindhoven Holland!

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> OK, John, I guess you are entitled to take offense at anything you like. But I'm entitled to the opinion that you were overreacting, so let's just leave it at that.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos
> Houston, TX
> John Pergolizzi <> wrote:
> Jerry Moos wrote:
> "I don't think a bad joke requires an apology. The guys in NYC shoould
> realize that places like Cut Bank, MT and Houston, TX haven't yet been
> infected by the kind of Polotical Correctness that makes it a felony to tell
> a joke. Thank God."
> >
> Sorry Jerry,
> The statement that garnered my reaction was not a joke. It was , at
> it's best, an attempt at sophomoric humor. It wasn't funny even in 1982 or
> so whenever Faggin's were first imported. The statement was, in fact
> offensive. So if your telling me not to take offence, do not tell me how to
> feel. I bet their are plenty of folks, even a majority, in Mt. and Tx. who
> would agree with me.
> I'm personally not a very "politically correct" individual. No one on
> this list who has hung out with me would ever accuse me of anything short of
> risqué. And wether one resides in The Big Apple or the hills of Montana,
> bad taste is bad taste. There is a point when I even hold my tongh (finger)
> in public and this is NOT public need I remind anyone.
> This list will quickly degenerate with a continued tolerance of
> objectionable behavior. As does the World.
> I would rather talk old bike stuff but don't insult me or my friends or I
> will speak up.
> Enough of this nonsense.
> Classic content: I will be bringing my laptop to Velo to show Pictures of
> our recent visit to Italy and The Church of the Madonna del Ghisallo. If
> you would like to thank God, thank him for that shrine and the new museum
> being built next door, not the ability to remain ignorant. IMHO and I will
> say no more.
> Come to the Velo and see.
> ciao,
> GianTindaro Pergolizzi
> Brooklyn, N.Y.