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Vintage early 1974 California Masi Gran Criterium Bicycle w/extras - $1600

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Vintage early 1974 California Masi Gran Criterium Bicycle Brazed by Mario Confente Plus extra spare Campy components

Serial numbers on bottom bracket: 0115; MC 55. Size: approx 54 CM - seat tube length from center of BB to center of top tube. "55" of the serial number was the frame size, meauring from the center of the BB to the top of the top tube. I'm 5'10" and it's a bit small for me. Year: early 1974. Brian Baylis provided me with this date, based on the serial number. He was one of the bike builders who worked in the California Masi shop at the time. He identified this frame as one that was brazed by Mario Confente, and he suggested that he may have also had a hand in building this bike. Confente was considered a master frame builder and is reknowned. See Brian's article on dating Masi bicycles. This is a California Masi, from the southern California (Carlesbad) shop. Components: Campagnolo Nuovo Record (for the most part). Color: Persimmon Orange / Coral Red.

This bike is in fairly smooth shape. Everything is fairly tight, smooth, and functions well.

The frame looks fairly clean but if you look closely it has scratches here and there. There are also two small dimple-like impressions on the top tube frame, so this isn't a perfect frame. Although it might affect its collectable value, it doesn't affect the structural integrity of the frame.

Many original parts, some non-original similar-vintage as well as some newer period parts have been substituted for some of the original parts, such as the following: Bullseye red derailer jockey cogs. New wheelset, with Mavic MA-40 and newer vintage Campy hubs. The front wheel has radially-laced hubs. The pedals came off another 1973 Masi Gran Crit. Suntour 6 speed freewheel. Nitto Technomic stem and TTT bars (the original bars and stem were "Great Britain," I believe. The original stem was ugly and the bars were too narrow for me. The TTT bars have scratches on the one part of the emblem. I have the original 170 crankset and rings, but switched it out with the 172.5 pantographed CIOCC cranks you see in the photos. I added the "touring" toe clips with the leather shoe-protecting ends! The bike does NOT come with a seat even though there is one in the photo. You'll need to get one for yourself.

I'm including the following additional spare parts along with the bike: - Campy rear derailer dating 1974. Excellent shape. - Campy front derailer which seems to be of a similar vintage. Excellent shape. - Set of Campy cable clips (set of 3). - Set of Campy gum brake hoods (of a later vintage, I believe). - The original Campy 170 crankset that came with the bike. - An original Campy crankset box (it didn't come with this bike, but it seems of a similar vintage) - extra shifter washer, and 2 extra seat post bolts. - 3 additional freewheels that are still in decent shape, (1) 6 speed Regina from the 70s (?) that came with the bike, (1) 6 speed Regina gold (from the 70s (?), (1) newer Shimano 6 speed.

Here is a link to all of the other photos including details of the frame and some of the other parts I am including with the bike.

I'm not sure, but I may want to swap out a Nitto stem with the Technomic stem that appears in the picture.


Send me an email if you're interested or want to know more. I'm in the San Francisco Bay area.

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