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I actually have the 1974 Schwinn Bicycle Specifications. For the P13 it just says Part No. 82 806 Rim. Just stating "rim" in the spec seems to be the style through all the bikes. In other places there is lots of detail. "Regina oro cog 14-16-18-23-26 sprockets" "27 x 1 sew-up tire and tube clement 50" etc.

Joe Bender-Zanoni
Great Notch, NJ

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> Jonathan,
> I think your date is premature. I don't recall the Schwinn Approved logo
> being applied to sewup rims until sometime after '74. Also, I have a '74
> P13 that I am quite certain came to me with its original rims and they have
> the standard foil Mavic decals. I believe you are correct on the S-A rims
> being Mavics and I think the S-A rims were all smooth-sided. One of the big
> reasons why Schwinn private-labled their parts was so that they could source
> equivalent components from multiple manufacturers without noting so in the
> catalog. Usually there was some variation in the part from the version sold
> under the manufacturer's label, though such differences were often cosmetic
> and sometimes for the worse.
> Steve Barner, Bolton, Vermont
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> > Jerry,
> >
> > If you have a p13 it probably would have come with Schwinn Approved 330g
> > tubs. I think most of these were Mavic, but the decal was "Schwinn
> Approved".
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> > Jonathan Greene
> > Oviedo FL