Re: [CR]Speaking of OMAS and bottom brackets

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Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 17:33:49 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Speaking of OMAS and bottom brackets

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I've got an OMAS bottom bracket with two adjustable cups and cartridge bearings (one side sealed, the other open to the plastic sleeve). One cup is marked OMAS ITALY 1.370" x 24 BSC-S. The other cup is marked OMAS ITALY 1.370" x 24 BSC-D. The bearings are marked AY17Z - ADR - FRANCE. The spindle measures 112.16 mm. Pretty good condition, but by no means new. So what do I have here? And does anyone want to take it off my hands for a fair price? Steven ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sounds like a nice OMAS BB. Take a magnet and check the BB axle, it the megnet doesn't stick you have a very nice high-end retro BB. I don't know why the bearings are marked as though they were made in France, but then again, I guess there is no reason stopping OMAS to spec their BB with bearings made in
Dave Anderson
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