Re: [CR]are some of us nuts? LONG!

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Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 00:49:32 -0800
From: "Chuck Schmidt" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]are some of us nuts? LONG!
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renaissance-cycles wrote:
> Chuck:...............................I'll save Chucky for the other
> Chuck!...............Right Chucky!
> I was thinking about what you said here, well this may hold true for the
> U.S. But, not only
> does these suppliers ( OUR ) have these items but a 'WOHLE LOT MORE!'' So
> instead
> of going down the list of goodies that are still sitting on the sagging
> shelves and so on.
> Aldo Ross,......Chuck brooks,.....Charles Nighbor....and I think.....Wayne
> Bingham!
> I know I sent some photo files to you guys and asked to not have them shared
> with others.
> Well please can one of you or all of you..............Please send these
> along to Chuck.

BC you forget you've been sending me a lot of photos of your warehouse etc. so I'm very aware of the mass quantities of Campagnolo NOS stuff. Very nice.

Mainly academic for me because I got all my 70s stuff, Confente, Bianchi team bikes, Peugeot team bikes when the stuff was current so I'm still pretty "full." Then I moved on to 40s, 50s, and 60s bikes, Italian, English, French.

At this point I'm concentrating on the really nice stuff that ain't over there in Europe: 70s American builder's frames, mainly Callifornian like the theme of this year's Velo Rendezvous. Check out the 1975 Peter Johnson with drillium on my web site for the _perfect_ example of a bike that surpases anything made in Europe in 1975. I'll bring that and a couple of Wizards that Brian Baylis and Mike Howard made during the same period that are real eye openers too.

You'll do just fine worldwide sellling all the 70s and 80s stuff; you and Cecil's hard work will pay dividens in the future no question about it.

Catch you when you arrive in Santa Barbara next year. I'll be there with bells on...

Chuck Schmidt South Pasadena, Southern California