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Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 11:34:09 -0400
Subject: FW: [CR]Italian Huffy
From: "greg arnold" <greg@nofatcomm.com>
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Good question - I have a 1981 Colnago International, full super record, pantographed parts, cutout lugs etc etc ... but it has suffered from the same disrespect despite a remarkably straight, wonderful ride ... I was also curious what CR listers know about this model? What model is yours GD? And - as a reminder - sign off correctly :-)

Greg GA arnold nyc

Hey folks, I have heard some Colnago models (years) referred to as Italian Huffys. Just what does this mean? I have a early to mid 80's Colnago and I just don't see anything wrong with it..



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