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Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 18:19:44 -0400
From: "Jamie Swan" <>
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> Peter,
> You have allof your information pretty much correct. As far as the exact year,
> consult Mark Petry and his Cinelli registry and I think you can probably
> figure it out pretty closely. Register it with Mark so we all know more about
> the Cinellis out there.
> There is a specific seat binder bolt made by Cinelli for that style binder.
> Ask CR member, master machineist, and all around super good guy Jamie Swan
> about a bolt. I think he made some out of SS for those bikes.
> Looks like a nice find. Keep your hands on that one!
> Brian Baylis
> Vintage Cycle Studios
> El Cajon, CA
> (619)449-5977
> -- Peter Jourdain <> wrote:
> I recently obtained a Speciale Corsa frameset (serial
> number 4310), which you can view below on ebay and at
> the seller’s gallery of photos. I am now in the
> process of cleaning up the frame, and 90% of the
> chrome is shining quite nicely and the rest of the
> frame is looking way sharper than in the photos.
> According to what I’ve learned on the Web, based on
> the single-hole lugwork and the lack of oil ports on
> the bottom bracket, I’m dealing with a bike that was
> built between 1965 and 1968. (The BB port supposedly
> disappeared around 1965 and the 3 holes in the lugs
> appeared around 1968.)
> My questions are as follows:
> 1. Is there any way to tell the exact year of this
> beast? Is my range of dates accurate?
> 2. I’ve always admired their seatstay trement, but
> what seatpost binder bolt was used on these bikes? It
> seems to need at least a 35mm. Did Campy make one to
> fit or did Cinelli make its own or job it out to
> anyone? Anyone have one to sell?
> 3. What were standard components on this era bike? I’m
> assuming Campy Record all the way around, Cinelli stem
> and bars, and Unicantor saddle--but what rims, what
> brakes, freewheel and chain?
> Any help from the braintrust would be greatly
> appreciated. Thanks!
> Peter Jourdain
> Trying to learn Italian in Whitewater, Wisconsin

Thanks for the plug Brian. I still have some of the Cinelli seat post binder bolts that I made. They are $50 each including domestic postage.

Jamie Swan - Centerport Cycles - Northport, N.Y.