Re: [CR]Really cool early 80s gear - mix & match!

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Subject: Re: [CR]Really cool early 80s gear - mix & match!
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 18:52:21 -0700

I landed (don't remember when or where) a gorgeous SR copy of a 2 bolt Campy seatpost with crest and no fluting. First and last I've seen and definitely a top notch little gem. Also have a Suntour Superbe Tech derailleur. Only one I've seen also. Shifts quite well, but I understand they were finicky and unreliable. Oh well, purty and strange.

Craig Montgomery Tucson
> RE: Really cool SR seatposts
> I think SR has copied just about every seatpost that ever existed. It
> would be neat to see a colleciton of SR posts and together with the
> seatposts containing the original design ideas (campagnolo, simplex, etc.)
> A recent bike purchase of mine came with an SR post that is quite
> obviously a copy of the Simplex Steel Retro post. However, they made
> it in aluminum and included the SR crest on the front of the post - no
> fluting. SR also made one-bolt super record copies, and of course the
> Laprade, which was the first affordable one-bolt post, first indexing


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