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<< I vote for myth. If the frame's ride changed at all, wouldn't it be suffering structural damage that would continue to progress? The frame would eventually fail with enough cycles, it wouldn't "soften" a bit and then magically stop. The prevelance of 50 year old machines indicate that steel frames can be built to work without suffering any significant damage from pedaling.


Hello, I agree; more myth than fact. While I have broken 8 frames that were non crash related they all had extreme mileage on them before and after I acquired them. The engineers might say the flexing of bike during vigorous might work harden the structure making it brittle. Enough cycles of flexing, a failure. Of course wouldn't work hardening also stiffen the frame; not soften it.

Having said this in normally to day use (what is that) I expect my current bikes to last a lifetime as one; I ride less aggressively; two, I ride less than 4000 miles a year, and three; I have so many bikes to spread the love across that few get all that much riding.

I think the tiredness of frames is just that; I got tired of it so I got a new one.

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