[CR]Old, worn out racing frames

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Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 18:20:49 +0000

Complete and utter BS. It was all in their minds. I hope that's a mis-quote of Eddy.

First, Eddy's factory was building with 753R, not 753, as the original recipe 753 was no longer available at that point. You could brass-braze 753R, and anyone that's ever seen one of Eddy's early brochures would I think concur that the temperatures used in brazing Merckx-brand frames were muy caliente.

Second, 753R frame failures are virtually non-existant (how many broken Waterfords are there?), while even 753 failures are quite rare. Anyone on this list personally experience either one?

I though so.....


Greg "just say no to BS" Parker Dexter, Michigan

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I have previously posted a note from Andy Hampsten (it's in the archives); he touches on this subject in that note where he says, " Eddy (Merckx) took care of all the riders but few were spoiled with a new frame every week or two like I was. I really liked the 753 tube set, but Eddy knew it was not a long lasting material. He let me use them for the mountainous tours and a few big one day races, and then put them to rest."

Angel Garcia
Long Valley, NJ