Re:[CR]new top tube for '74 Jack Taylor?

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Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 13:12:48 -0700
From: John Jorgensen <>
Subject: Re:[CR]new top tube for '74 Jack Taylor?
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> Duncan Granger requested advice on repair or replacement of top tube on a '74 Jack taylor

Welcome to the list Duncan.

An alignment table check will provide good guidance. Sometimes a good whack to a top tube will also deform the tube as well, be sure to check the head tube for twist. A surface gauge check will tell the tale. If it checks out ok, a pair of split blocks that match the toptube diameter held in a vice and rotated can improve the dent, as you are not concerned about paint. There are other methods but getting behind the dent is usually the problem. Your dent is probably near the midpoint of the tube. My 2 cents, fill it unless there is an alignment problem. Be sure to document the dents' placement so that you can be strategic regarding bar swing and or cable clip placement, as to avoid the repair area, or at least know the vulnerable spots.

Always liked Taylors in Flamboyant dark purple.

John Jorgensen
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