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Subject: Re: [CR]need parts for help for identifying a Raleigh
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 20:00:38 -0400

I have a blue '73 Pro and two '74s, one blue and one silver. All have the CC cutout in the shell. Also, all have "rapid taper" non-crimped chainstays. I've never seen crimped stays on US market road versions of this vintage. The '73 has a short serial number that starts with the letter A. The others have long serial numbers that start with W. Interestingly, one of the '74s is a centimeter longer in the top tube that the other two, though all three are the same framesize.

I had a '73 Pro track that also had the CC cutout. Raleigh replaced the frame after a few years with a '78 model, and it too had the CC cutout. The cutout was stamped, often distorting the BB shell. It was a true Raleigh feature. Interesting design, poor execution.

Speaking of execution, the silver '74 was executed two days ago when it took the brunt of the impact from a Toyota that ran a redlight. I made out with two more broken ribs. The Pro has three bent tubes.

Steve Barner, off the bike again in Bolton, Vermont

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\r?\n> I've resigned myself to the fact that I may never know the actual year =

\r?\n> of my Raleigh Pro. It carries an"A" serial number, but is not a 1966 =

\r?\n> bike. It has "CC" cutouts that I think mean "Carlton Cycles." Retro =

\r?\n> Raleighs would lead me to think it is a 1974, but who knows? It had few =

\r?\n> remaining original parts on the bike when I bought it, but the NR rear =

\r?\n> mech is a Pat 74. I've restored it correctly according to what I read on =

\r?\n> Mark Bulgers, and Retro Raleigh web sites. The repaint was kind of =

\r?\n> tricky to get right, but I've seen so many variations in colors of blue =

\r?\n> and mink on original Pros that I call it good.


\r?\n> Chris Van Scoyk

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