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Subject: Re: [CR]More items for sale...No more whining about prices "In the Day"!
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 12:15:18 -0400

Tom and CRListmembers

Love that spirit Tom !!! And in the world of cycling too, what goes around comes around !!! I have a really nice vintage 58cc 50's/60's OLMO, (S/N E269) it was (creatively) restored by Cyclart and never built up (the previous Chapel Hill, NC based owner claimed he had over $500 invested) in 1993 in a the most wonderful Italian motif with beautiful lug work (red tt and seat stays, white st and head tube, green forks, chain stays and dt) with OLMO DELUXE hand painted on the top of the down tube (mid 50's style). In the new Tom Sander's ground breaking tradition of bringing back "In the Day" prices, The price is $210. Who's next to join "In the Day"?

Wayne (Create a great "in the" day !!!) Jolly, Toronto, Canada

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Subject: [CR]More items for sale...No more whining about prices "In the


>I think it was Greg Parker the other day lamenting the passing of the good
>old days when you could buy a Nuovo Record rear derailleur for $43.
> Well, in honor of the PRESENT good days, I am going to offer a NIB Nuovo
> Record rear derailleur dated '81 for $43...+ $4 shipping! Greg must have
> been shopping somewhere good, because this one has a price of $59.95 still
> on the Box!
> Good old days? How about a NIB clamp on Super Record front derailleur, a
> 3 holer with a lawyer lip for $40 + $4 shipping?
> Not enough, you say? Then I'll offer some NOS Cinelli 1A 110mm stems for
> $30 + $4 shipping (2 available)...I'll bet they weren't any cheaper "In
> the day"!
> Folks, these days are great, and here's proof! Let's enjoy the present
> while enjoying the best of the past, too.


> Tom Sanders

> Lansing, Mi