Re: [CR]Cheaper Raleigh Seat Pin Diameter ?

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Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2004 22:33:15 -0400
From: Marcus Coles <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Cheaper Raleigh Seat Pin Diameter ?
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r cielec wrote:
>I am refering to the yeoman Raleigh Super Grand Prix.
>My recollection of the seat pin diameter is 1 inch.
>As I have to start shopping for a seat pin, do I hunt for a 1 inch or a 25.4 ?
>I do not have the original seat pin; though, I think, it was an SR Laprade.
>Richard Cielec
>Chicago, Illinois
> I have plain garden variety Raleigh Grand Prix, no supers, a '68 Carlton produced, a 1970 Nottingham version and a 1978 Canadian made, they have 1"or the equivalent 25.4mm swaged chrome steel pipe seat pins/posts.


Marcus Coles
London, Ontario, Canada