Re: [CR]Revised/FS:~'73 Raleigh Professional Frameset for Sale

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Subject: Re: [CR]Revised/FS:~'73 Raleigh Professional Frameset for Sale
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 08:49:49 -0400

Should have mentioned that the frame has never been built up since it was repainted. Sorry for the omission.

Eric Elman
Somers, CT

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From: "Eric Elman"
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Subject: [CR]~'73 Raleigh Professional Frameset for Sale

> Circa 1973 Raleigh Professional frameset for sale.
> This is the fastback version, long point lugs and CC cutouts in the BB.
> Half chrome socks on fork and stays in excellent condition with two very,
> very minor blems. Fully sloping Cinelli style chromed forkcrown.
> Campagnolo ends with no eyelets. Frameset was repainted (good quality)
> before I bought it and is red with gold lug outlining and no decals.
> Overall excellent+ condition. $250 plus actual shipping costs via FedEx.
> Frame will be packaged very well at no extra charge. Pictures available a
> little later in the day.
> Size is 55c-c both seat and top tubes. Serial number is, get this: A9206
> (what the heck kinda number is that?) or possibly A9Z06???


> Eric Elman

> Somers, CT