[CR]Pictures...from yesterday's 'Mystery bike' post

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Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 10:28:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: Michael Davies <msdavi59@yahoo.com>
To: Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Pictures...from yesterday's 'Mystery bike' post

Hi all…below are links to the pictures of the ‘mystery bike’ I enquired about yesterday.

http://home.att.net/~michael.s.davies/Frame1.jpg This is a left side view of the disassembled frame and fork.

http://home.att.net/~michael.s.davies/Frame2.jpg This is a rear view of the disassembled frame and fork.

http://home.att.net/~michael.s.davies/Frame3.jpg This is a right side view of the disassembled frame and fork.

http://home.att.net/~michael.s.davies/Rear_dropout.jpg This is a view of the Chater Lea rear dropouts. Dropout spacing is 115mm

http://home.att.net/~michael.s.davies/Bottom_bracket1.jpg This is a left side view of the bottom bracket shell. Visible is the incorrect spindle; the BB shell width is 63.5mm and the spindle is from a 68mm BB. Not visible is the interior of the BB shell….it’s fully enclosed, with no openings to the intersecting tubes.

http://home.att.net/~michael.s.davies/Bottom_bracket2.jpg An underside view of the bottom bracket. The serial number is clearly visible.

http://home.att.net/~michael.s.davies/Fork_rear.jpg A view of the backside of the front fork. Again, the serial number can be seen.

http://home.att.net/~michael.s.davies/Fork_tip.jpg A view of the front fork dropouts. Dropout spacing is 90mm

http://home.att.net/~michael.s.davies/Seatpost.jpg A view of the underside of the intersection of the top tube, seat tube and seatstays.

http://home.att.net/~michael.s.davies/Frame_forward.jpg A close-up view of the front part of the frame

http://home.att.net/~michael.s.davies/Frame_rear.jpg A close-up view of the rear of the frame.

Hope these prove helpful in assigning an identity to this bike.

regards …Michael Davies
St Louis